Why is Adam?

First, one must note the assumption inherent here, which is that Adam, in fact, is. To adaquetely address this, one needs to first define “isness”. The question then becomes “does isness is”. My spell checker say no, based on the red squiggly it places under “isness”. But then again, most programming is done by Indians nowadays, whose grasp of English is imperfect, despite their ostensibly hyperanglo names (how often is your customer support query answered by “Charles,” or “Trevor”?).

If, in the interest of just finishing this piece so we can move onto the next item on our to-do list*, we grant that Adam, indeed, is, the task then becomes defining the causative mechanism(s) of his isness.

When a man and a woman love each other very much, or are sufficiently intoxicated to neglect adequate reproductive foresight, or, in some states, when two men or two women love each other very much… well it’s all very complicated. Just wikipedia it or something.